(l. to r. Pablo Miguel Musi, Jeff, Eucario Gonzalez, me and Joaquin Segura. Pedro Quintanilla not shown because he took the picture!)
We had a great meeting with the folks at Senor Frog’s in Cancun last week. And though the sun was shining and the Caribbean was an achingly aquamarine blue, we engaged in a marathon indoor, no window, 12-hour session that can be summed up by the headline “GYST” (paraphrased for publication as Get Your Stuff Together). Suffice to say though, the extension of the restaurant chain brand name of Senor Frog’s with a line of tequila makes eminent sense. A critical question we’re wrestling with now is what is the right retail price for the brand. What do you think? We invite you to comment with your opinion…just click on the blue “comment” linke at the bottom of this post and answer three questions:
1. How old are you?
2. Are you aware of Senor Frog’s restaurant?
3. Would you expect a Senor Frog’s tequila (100% agave!) to be priced above, same as or below Cuervo Gold?