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U.S. Wine and Spirit Industry Newsletters

Here’s a handy list of the most important wine and spirit industry newsletters in the U.S. Wine and Spirit Daily (WSD) ($380/year) Highly regarded, original content, often from news releases, focuses on breaking news headlines Industry News Update...

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Free 3-Day Immersion Course in Italian Wine

My friends at the Italian trade agency (ITA/ICE) are conducing a series of educational courses billed as world-class, intensive and immersive and open to people working in the trade including somms, beverage directors, retailers, suppliers, importers, distributors, reps and media. My understanding...

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Just Released: Sonoma State Research Report on Digital/

I’m sharing a research report courtesy of a team of wine marketing profs. from Sonoma State University and published by The subject was digital marketing by domestic U.S. wineries, but the numbers are a good point of reference for export wineries as well. And a note to export producers…We’re...

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Pricing: Factor in “Next” Along with “Now”

There’s a common mistake we see made by brands that are new to the U.S. or are managing sales from the home country.  It has to do with “Pricing for the transition to a distributor.”  We recommend that brands look at importing as a two-phase project.  Phase 1 is to start with a...

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What’s Next, Next?

Liza Zimmerman did a great job of summarizing a “look over the horizon” based on one of the panel discussions held this week at Vinexpo New York in an article that ran on Wine-Searcher’s Newsletter. (You can read the whole article…and its worth it…here:...

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Metrics that Matter

One of the big challenges we face with new-to-the-U.S. and new-to-the-World suppliers is a practical understanding of social media marketing objectives and metrics. In the olden days (ca. 2010) fans and followers were what got counted, reported and used as a yardstick. Unfortunately those metrics...

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Chiaretto, Italy’s Surprising Rose’

I visited the Bardolino region this year with a group of other journalists and came away, surprised, delighted, and with a whole new appreciation of what makes Rosé, well Rosé.  My memory of the category was tainted with the bottles of Mateus and Lancer’s  we drank in college (and...

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Vinitaly International Academy Debuts in Los Angeles

Vinitaly International Academy (VIA) will run a new Italian Wine Ambassador certification course in Los Angeles, California, from February 18th to 22nd, 2019. The new course will be taught by VIA Faculty members Sarah Heller MW and Henry Davar and will feature lectures, guided tastings, tasting...

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