It’s been suggested, recommended, advocated, promoted, repeated and most of all…inevitable…so I’m taking the plunge and am writing a book.

Thanks to four people in particular for the motivation:   Deborah Gray, “How to Import Wine: an Insider’s Guide” and her new book “Exporters Guide to the U.S. Market“; Cathy Hughye “Hungry for Wine“; and Alder Yarrow “The Essence of Wine: Celebrating the Delights of the Palate,” and Sid Patel of Beverage Trade Network and the USA Trade Tasting who hasn’t written a book yet, but pushed me over the edge of commitment to write mine.

More to come as it takes shape, but by publicly stating it I am now not just involved, but committed. The difference being captured in a joke I like to tell about the comparability of those words to a breakfast of bacon and eggs: The chicken is involved, but the pig is committed.

Stay tuned.

bacon and eggs