What Our Clients Think About Us

I've had the pleasure of working with Bevology on the launch of Singani 63. My client, Steven Soderbergh, discovered the product and we relied exclusively on Bevology to drive the market launch.

Steve is a consummate professional and truly understands the intricacies of the U.S. spirits market from both a marketing and sales perspective. Bevology's commitment, connections and creativity were instrumental in helping us avoid costly mistakes and find an efficient route-to-market strategy.

I am quite certain that without Bevology's involvement, this project would have stalled in its tracks instead of becoming a national brand. Evan Bell, CFO

Evan Bell,

Even though we have some experience in the U.S. market, you taught us the answers to questions we never even thought of asking, and showed us what we needed to do to make the right strategic business decisions to get our brand ready for the U.S. market.

We came away with the budgets, timelines, and a precisely defined order of march to move the brand forward... a real business plan.

We particularly liked your creative thinking in finding ways to maneuver within system and get past the many hurdles every new brand faces... from finding the right importer and distributor strategy, and most importantly, a sales strategy that really makes sense specifically for us.

Ken Kuzmich,

EVOCA is a boutique Argentinian wine which has tried for two years on its own to enter the USA market. After importer and distributor telephone calls not being returned, emails being ignored and courier packages missing in action, I met Steve Raye. There is no doubt EVOCA will be available in the USA shortly.

Steve not only maneuvered us through the minefields of the USA wine industry, he worked with us to create a strategy that is not only working today but that will work for us tomorrow. EVOCA is a small boutique entrepreneurial driven endeavor with a small non- existent brand. It has limited resources and a budget to match. In spite of this Steve worked with EVOCA as if it was his most significant client and is helping succeed where we had previously failed.

Creativity, passion, experience and drive are Steve's trademarks. He knows his business and is teaching us well. Steve helped us Join the Club known as the Wine Industry in the USA. Dennis Grimm, CEO

Dennis Grimm,