Services to "Get U.S. Market Ready"

We specialize in helping brands get prepared and ready for the U.S. market. That can include a "street-smart" education on navigating the complex Three Tier System, selecting the right Import and Distribution solutions, and development of the tools needed to be Bevology-certified as fully qualified for U.S. market entry.


Starting with a practical plan, budget and timetable, we work with clients to develop an effective suite of marketing tools and programs.

  • Cutting-edge social media marketing and consumer engagement and activation
  • Creative promotion solutions that focus communications specifically and exclusively on the people who can actually buy the product.
  • Trade PR which can be your most cost efficient and effective marketing tool
  • Consumer PR to drive consumer awareness, engagement and sharing
  • Getting reviews and ratings from recognized competitions and critics... including those that accept brands that are not currently imported.
  • Trade shows. We know which trade shows are right for each brand, and the best way to participate to accomplish specific goals, whether it be finding an importer or distributor, or launching new brands and line extensions.

Preparation and Planning

Some clients need an education on the U.S. market covering these subjects in depth and with a very practical "street smart" perspective:

  • The Three-Tier System
  • Price Structures
  • Options for importing (hint, there are ten)
  • Working with... or in spite of... distributors
  • Emerging non-traditional marketing strategies including apps and delivery-within-an-hour services
  • Negotiating importer and distributor contracts
  • Strategies for selecting the right markets for your brands

We offer two levels of Marketing Readiness programs:

1) One-day intensive working session for U.S.-experienced suppliers focusing on developing laser-sharp route-to-market strategies and tactics

2) Two-day combination educational program and workshop. We use that dialog as a foundation on which to explore the many strategic options and help suppliers make the key decisions that will result in a solid business plan with realistic and achievable objectives, budgets and timetable.

/ Distribution
/ and Sales Management

  • For clients who need help or a U.S. based representative to manage their importers and distributors, get their attention and active support and drive sales results. Others just need advice and counsel on adapting their global sales programs for the U.S. market. Either way, we have the expertise to "activate" distributor sales.
  • Presenting Bevology-certified "Market Ready" brands to prospective distributors.

Import and Distribution Solution for Select Clients

We hold a National Import license and have an established distribution network. We work with a select set of brands that we have trained and certified as market ready and which we believe deliver something uniquely valuable to the U.S. market.