We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just been retained by Leblon Cachaça to work on Trade Marketing and Social Media Marketing. We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with Steve Luttman, Gerry Schweitzer, Jaime Keller, Matthew Engle and the rest of their team on this category leading product. I could say some great things about them, but perhaps the best is a simple one…”they get it.” And it will be great to work with people who are on the cutting edge of spirits marketing as BAT is practicing it.

As many of you know, Leblon has been doing the heavy lifting driving the creation of the category in the U.S. so while the category is still small, it’s growing rapidly and starting to attract other players, which is a good thing…a rising tide and all that. And for many of our friends in the cocktail blogosphere, it’s a brand and category of great interest…it’s new, it’s fresh, it has a spectacular signature drink (caipirinha), but also inspires creativity beyond that drink because of its flavor, complexity and heritage.

Here’s a fact you may not know…Cachaça is the third most consumed spirit in the world. And since most of it is consumed in Brazil and some in Germany…you get a sense for the Brazilian market…and the potential for the U.S.

So, thanks to the folks at Leblon for for picking BAT. We look forward to a spectacular collaboration.