Anticipation is rising for the U.S. Drinks Conference coming up next week on Oct. 14 in London. With the financial crisis roiling markets across the world, it’s more important than ever to take a fresh look at brand strategies for the U.S. market. Jeff and Mike are working on the consumer trend information and just completing some surveys that will give us a look at sentiment and behavior as recently as last week. And I’ve put together a manifesto of sorts on the new realities of marketing in the America with tools (like this blog!) that reach and engage people on an individual level. And, we’ve got a boffo lineup of speakers from the U.S. including Rudy Ruiz, EVP of Southern Wine and Spirits, John McDonnell of Patron spirits and John Beaudette of MHW. And for the international perspective, we’ll hear from Charlotte Hey, of The Drinks Business and Olly Wehring at So if you’ve been thinking about coming, get off the fence and go to to register!