Boston Wine Expo

Jan.22-23 2011, Boston, MA


Jan 24-26, Waldorf-Astoria, NY

NY Wine Expo: Feb.26-28 at the Jacob Javitz Center

San Francisco Spirits Competition, entries due Feb. 19, event Mar. 13,14

South Beach Wine and Food Festival Event Feb. 25-28, 2010

New York International Wine and Spirits Awards Judging takes place week of June 13, Deadline for entries May 31. and

San Francisco Wine Competition, entries due May 28, event June 18, 19

Ultimate Beverage Challenge:

These are three new events organized by Paul Pacult and David Talbot (formerly of  Wine Enthusiast) which split from the SFWSC. They represent a new concept in spirit review methodologies and also a new contest specifically dedicated not just to spirits but the cocktails that are made with them.

Main site:

1. Ultimate Spirit Challenge (judging takes place March 1-4 in NY, and Ultimate Cocktail Challenge (judging takes place April 12-14 at Astor Center in NY but entry deadline is Feb. 18, 2011.
2. Ultimate Wine Challenge Deadline for entries April 22, 2011, Event May 2-6, New York
3. Ultimate Cocktail Challenge: event April 5-8 at Astor Center, deadline March. 22, 2011

Beverage Testing Institute:

BTI conducts a series of tastings of both wine and spirits throughout the year as well as a value wine competition and packaging competitions for spirits as well as wine.  It’s the tasting competition that made Grey Goose famous.

1. BTI Wine competition deadlines by category, country of origin:

Key dates: South America Jan 15th; Australia and New Zealand Feb. 1; Canada, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Mexico Mar 1; Kosher April 1; France and Italy still wines May 1; Portugal, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and all international sparklers, June 1; World Value Wines Aug. 6; Greece, Germany and Austria Sept. 1, South America, Africa and Middle East Oct. 1, France, Italy, Asia Nov. 1; Portugal and Spain including Port and Sherry Dec. 1; Packaging comp Dec. 18.

2. BTI International Review of Spirits competitions by category:

Click to access 2010_IRS_Schedule.pdf

Key dates: Brandy, Mar. 1; Whiskey April 1; Gin May 1, Tequila and Mescal July 1; Liqueurs Aug. 1, Vodka Sept. 1, Eau de Vie and Specialties Oct. 1., Packaging Dec. 1

Wine and Spirits Wholesaler Assn.

April 10-13, 2011, Orlando FL. This used to be an “old boy networking” event but has evolved in the last few years to be more egalitarian. The exhibit floor used to be a minor adjunct but now has become much more significant. It’s not the answer for exporters looking to find importers in the U.S., but it’s a good start.

Manhattan Cocktail Classic

May 13-17, 2011 in New York.

Aspen Food and Wine Classic

This event is an interesting blend of consumer and trade participants, but you have to be an advertiser in Food and Wine Magazine to be an exhibitor. Aspen, CO, June 17-19, 2011.

American Wine Bloggers Conference

July 22-24, Charlottesville, WV. Major gathering of citizen wine bloggers in the US, attracts a fair number of winery exhibitors

Bar and Wine Show

Formerly the NY Bar Show, June 28/29, 2011, Jacob Javitz Center NY

Fancy Food Show

Event dates Winter show: San Francisco, Jan 16-18, 2011, Summer showWashington DC, July 10-12

Tales of the Cocktail

Tales is the Grand-daddy of cocktail events and the one that defined and democratized spirits well before social media became cool. Everybody in the business attends and it’s a very unique event for both networking and learning. July 20-24, 2011 New Orleans

Newport Winefest

Aug. 20-22, Newport Rhode Island. This is the event’s inaugural year and we’re told it will be a biggy…anyone wanting to make a splash with consumers in New England/NY needs to be an exhibitor.

European Wine Bloggers Conference
In 2011 will be held in Franciacorta, Italy Oct. 14-16, 2011 The event is organized by Ryan and Gabriella Opaz of and deserve lots of applause for conceiving of and managing this event.

Miami International Wine Fair

Oct. 2011