I’ve just started working with Best Wine Importers (BWI), a database company HQ’d in London that specializes in lists of wine and spirit importers and distributors around the globe. 

For export Drinks brands looking for an import strategy for the U.S. market BWI is a great resource to start with.  They include info on over 8,000 importers around the world and 1,195 specifically in the U.S. 

What I specifically find valuable about the BWI database…beyond its scale and scope…are a couple of valuable features.  One is a “trusted” label issued only to importers that, through personal reviews and research by the BWI staff, have qualified for a “Trusted” label.  The key focus of the research is on reputation and payment history of the importers.  That’s something that’s critically important to new-to-the-U.S. brands.

As part of our partnership. BWI is offering new customers a free copy of How to Get U.S. Market-Ready book.  Our mutual goal is to provide exporters with the data they need in terms of contact information, but also the insight into the process of getting a U.S. importer.

So, if you’re looking for an importer for the American market, check out www.BestWineImporters.com.  Not only will you get a searchable, sortable, multifactor database of candidates, you’ll also get the benefit of my 30 years in the business via a free copy of my book.  The book goes into great detail on key information exporters need including understanding price structures, open vs. control states, franchise states, new taxation laws (U.S. FET taxes have recently dropped by 90% for wines, spirits and beers), and how to choose the right markets specifically for your brand entry and roll out.