A morning visit to Cafe du Monde for Cafe au Lait and Beignets and then it was back to work. Great presentation by Stephen Beaumont on beer cocktails. Certainly a category we’ve heard a lot of talk about but Steve did a great job of presenting the category in an understandable way: they fall into three different types: 1) beer blends (e.g. black and tan which by the way is an American, not Irish invention), 2) Spirits, juice or wine with normal size beer and 3) Beer as flavoring agent in traditional cocktails.

Some general guidelines Steve noted are that ales work better than lager in cocktails and bitter beers, especially IPA’s take spirits better, especially rum. Lighter beers do well with fruit juice. One of the best combinations is Weissbier and fresh squeezed OJ.

Regarding wine cocktails he advised that since hops are naturally tannic, so don’t try to pair with highly tannic wines like Cabs. And when mixing spirits and beer, measurement is critical…absolutely do not free pour.
One of the recipes we tasted was great, The Green Devil. 1 oz. Martin Miller’s Gin, 2 drops Absinthe and one bottle of Duvel (he told us it’s pronounced Du’ vel)

I asked Steve later for a recco with Heineken and he suggested trying something like Chartreuse and also maybe some light fruit juices.