I had just finished Alice Feiring’s book, “The Battle for Wine and Love: or How I Saved the World from Parkerization” and was looking forward to meeting her on Wednesday at the Darcy and Huber tasting. D & H are a new import company bringing in wines from the Vienna region of Austria. So boy was I surprised to find out that Alice was speaking right in my little home town of Simsbury CT this very weekend. I usually have to schlepp down to NY for most wine events, and having Alice in Simsbury was a bonus on a bonus.
For those of you not familiar with her, Alice is a proponent of “Natural Wines” meaning wines made with little or no technical intervention using tools such as Microoxygenation, designer yeasts and the like. She’s also gained some notoriety for her interest in biodynamic winemaking, though her focus is on the broader philosophy of natural wines. She is also the author of Veritas in Vino blog and a well respected freelance wine writer.
Alice gave some readings from her books and the audience got to taste their way through some samples of American, French, Chilean and Argentinian examples of the genre.