For a second straight week, the Wall Street Journal highlighted a couple of our clients. In the Weekend Edition’s “Tastings” section story titled “Singing the ABC’s of Wine”…

G was for “Grüner Veltliner. Austria’s signature white, far more widely available now than just a short time ago. It’s so trendy that some people, unfortunately, call it GrünVelt, GrünV, GV or even GrüV, but we’d stick with GROO-ner felt-LEE-ner.”

X was for “Xinomavro. Indigenous red grape of Greece, pronounced Ksee-NO-ma-vro, according to the Web site, where you can hear it pronounced. Greek wines are interesting, well-made and often bargain priced.”

Z was for “Zweigelt. Austria’s most widely planted red grape, sometimes seen as a rosé. The red is fun, charming and a little peppery.”

Authors Dorothy Gaiter and Richard Brecher also noted the influence of Blogs highlighting Dr. Vino (Tyler Colman) and Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV.