Finding an importer to work with your brand in the U.S. is a challenge.  The U.S. wine and spirits market is one of the largest and most profitable in the world, but it is also one of the most difficult to penetrate. It does not function as a unified whole but rather as 50 different markets, each with its own set of laws and rules on how to conduct business. Furthermore, everyone has to operate within what is called the “Three-Tier System”.  That means producers are restricted to selling through an importer (Tier 1), who sells to the distributor /wholesaler (Tier 2), who in turn sells to a retail store, bar or restaurant (Tier 3).Wine importerd to U.S.

ImporterConnect™ U.S. Wine and Spirit Importer Database

The engine that drives the ImporterConnect™ service is the proprietary database we’ve developed specifically for the needs of suppliers looking to find a U.S. importer. It contains a wealth of detail on hundreds of importers that are simply not included in any other comparable resource. This gives us the ability to prioritize the criteria for a specific situation and identify those that match the needs. We can look for importers by markets in which they operate, whether they import from a particular country or region, suppliers and brands they work with and specializations such as family-owned, organic or indigenous varietals, etc.

ImporterConnect™ Service Options

BAT is offering three different service levels in the program ranging from providing a set of prospective importers that fit a specific set of criteria, all the way up to acting on a suppliers behalf in making the calls and having the meetings to lat the groundwork for negotiations of a deal.