We’re happy to announce that the U.S. Drinks Conference and WSWA (Wine and Spirit Wholesalers of America) are joining forces this year.  For those of you not familiar with it, the WSWA convention is one of the most important industry events in the U.S.  Everyone who’s anyone in the world of wine and spirits…the sales side more than the marketing site…attends.  In fact last year more than 2,000 people attended the event which alternates being held in Orlando (this year) to Las Vegas (2012).

The convention is being  held April 10-12 (Sun-Mon), and the USDC will be producing the educational sessions on Tuesday afternoon.

I’ll be moderating the social media panel and we’ll have some great folks joining me including

-Alyssa Rapp of Bottlenotes

-Camper English of Alcademics

-Kit Codik of Liquor.com

-Vincenza Kelley of the Italian Trade Commission

Here’s a profile of the session:

Social Media Marketing:  It’s Not an Option, it’s Mandatory

Forget the theory and the lectures, this hard-hitting panel will give attendees the street smart perspective on social media marketing.  Whether you’re a supplier, wholesaler or retailer, social media marketing must be an integral part of your marketing strategy,  The panel will provide the straight scoop on:

  • What does success look like?
  • Case histories with lessons learned that you can leverage right now.
  • What are the wrong ways to use Facebook and Twitter, and how do you handle temperamental bloggers?
  • Why  social media marketing needs to be a core strategy- the liquid in marketing’s bottle and not the label slapped on top.
  • Should your distiller or winemaker be tweeting?