Kudos to author Greg Dicum and the folks at ClearGrape,  Shelley Alger and Tim Childs for publishing a fabulous new book on Pisco titled “The Pisco Book“.  (It’s available for sale at Amazon.com but hurry…only 18 copies left!) The Pisco book by Gregory Dicum

Folks, this is the new definitive source on the subject of Pisco.  Whether you’re in the cocktail community or just love a good story, you’ll enjoy this read.  If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between a falca and an alembique, where the name Pisco really came from, or the Peruvian/Japanese origins of ceviche, you’ll find the answers here.

In our travels around the country to mixology bars and conversations with bartenders, cocktail writers and aficionados, we’re seeing the nascence of an emerging trend.  People are looking for something new and different from vodka, tequila and rum.  And Pisco clearly (no pun intended) fills the bill

There are some great Pisco recipes in the book, several created and contributed by Pisco Porton Maestro Johnny Schuler, Jim Meehan of PDT, and Dushan Zarick of Macao Trading Co. and quite a few that are on our “we gotta try these next” list.