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U.S. Wine and Spirit Industry Newsletters

Here’s a handy list of the most important wine and spirit industry newsletters in the U.S. Wine and Spirit Daily (WSD) http://www.winespiritsdaily.com/subscribe \ Highly regarded, original content, often from news releases, focuses on breaking news headlines. (subscription fee) Industry News...

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UK Wine Show podcast interview

Chris Scott’s UK Wine Show aired the first of a two part interview with me talking about the U.S. market. https://www.thirtyfifty.co.uk/uk-wine-show-detail.asp?id=599 The interview took place in November in Verona, Italy at the formal introduction of my new book How to Get U.S. Market Ready...

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Wine Relationship Brokers

Finding an importer or distributor for your wine and spirit brand in the U.S. can be a challenge, Steve Raye and his new book “How to Get U.S. Market Ready” is featured as a solution.

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Free 3-Day Immersion Course in Italian Wine

My friends at the Italian trade agency (ITA/ICE) are conducing a series of educational courses billed as world-class, intensive and immersive and open to people working in the trade including somms, beverage directors, retailers, suppliers, importers, distributors, reps and media. My understanding...

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Just Released: Sonoma State Research Report on Digital/

I’m sharing a research report courtesy of a team of wine marketing profs. from Sonoma State University and published by WineBusiness.com. The subject was digital marketing by domestic U.S. wineries, but the numbers are a good point of reference for export wineries as well. And a note to export producers…We’re...

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