I’m collaborating with ECRM/Marketgate to put on a free webinar this coming Wednesday May 8, 2019 at 10:00AM EDT (New York time). The webinar will provide an overview of the American alcoholic beverage market and is free to all.

To reserve your spot in the free webinar go to https://ecrm.marketgate.com/Webcast/Register/840.

The webinar is just one part of my involvement with the “Global Wine, Beer and Spirits” program which will be held in New Orleans Aug. 25-28, 2019. For more details click on over to: https://ecrm.marketgate.com/Sessions/2019/08/GlobalWineBeerandSpiritsEPPS

The second part will also be a webinar to be held in June, exclusively for brands exhibiting at the program. And the third will be hosting a round table discussion help exhibitors fine tune the presentation of their brands to meet the specific needs of buyers at the event itself.

For those of you not familiar with them, ECRM specializes in programs in which participants attend prearranged meetings of motivated buyers and sellers. In this case of the Wine, Spirits and Beer program, that means key regional and national volume buyers in the U.S. such as United and American Airlines, Lucky’s Supermarkets, Walgreen’s chain drug and Mass Merchants including Kmart, along with Coast Guard and Military exchanges.

I spoke at and attended the event a couple of years ago and came away quite impressed. It’s a great “non-traditional” strategy to kick start U.S. market sales.